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  1. Pineapple Cake Half Kg

    Regular Price: Rs.600.00

    Special Price Rs.495.00

    This ½ kg pineapple cake is a delicious offer with its light, airy texture and its tropical, juicy flavor. The flavors of vanilla and pineapple come together with fresh cream to make this scrumptious cake that will make you say, “Wow!” Our satisfied customers have found this cake to be simply irresistible. Take a bite, close your eyes and then let your taste buds experience that wonderful taste to gratify your cravings like never ever before. Friends, you are going to love this for sure. We have same day delivery services for this fresh fruit cream cake and can even provide midnight delivery. Place your order for your favorite pineapple cake online today from the comfort of your home and just relax. We will deliver your super yummy cake to the joyful delight of your guests! Learn More
  2. Black Forest Cake Half Kg

    Regular Price: Rs.700.00

    Special Price Rs.525.00

    Half Kg Black Forest Cake Learn More
  3. Creamy Butterscotch Cake Half Kg
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Creamy Butterscotch Cake Half Kg Learn More
  4. Half Kg Cherry Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Cherry Black Forest Cake Learn More
  5. Half Kg Choco Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Choco Black Forest Cake Learn More
  6. Half Kg Amazing Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Amazing Black Forest Cake Learn More
  7. Tempting Choco Truffle
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Tempting Choco Truffle Half Kg Learn More
  8. Chocolate Gateu
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Chocolate Gateu Half Kg Learn More
  9. Cake for Father
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Cake for Father Half Kg Learn More
  10. Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake Half Kg Learn More
  11. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_9
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_9 Learn More
  12. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_8
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_8 Learn More
  13. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_7
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_7 Learn More
  14. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_6
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_6 Learn More
  15. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_5
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_5 Learn More

Grid List

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1-15 of 302

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Send cakes to Bellary: When the occasion surges level of ecstasy

Who don’t want to relish the cakes bakes hot from the freshest ingridients? The era of cakes is redefined with us. Experience the fresh delight which will remind you of the lost glorious days. Relive the lost era and send designer cakes to Bellary with us; we assure you the fresh and timely delivery of the cake as we are on the way to spread smiles miles away. Why wait when celebration has a new name? Book your delicious cakes for any occasion be it birthdays, anniversary, festival or promotion. Celebrate in your style.

Cake Delivery in Bellary: Spread the light and erase the gloom

Glory of any special occasion increases with the perfect combo of festive spirit and delicious cakes, then it becomes important to make it a memorable one. At Indiacakes we deliver the fresh cakes from the best cake shops in Bellary on the date scheduled at your doorway. You can repose trust in us for the flawless cake delivery in Bellary.? We at offer you the benign opportunity to fulfill your desire. For any occasion be free to contact us.

Designer cakes in Bellary: A treasure of customization

Timely book your cake online and we will deliver it with the aroma of your message to your loved ones. Order in accordance with your convenience along with customized options and relish the privilege of the free home delivery option which assures the reliability of our services. Sending a designer cake in Bellary becomes easy with your support, yeah you hold the key to unexplored treasure. By choosing the topping, base, flavor and weight of your choice catering to our services of cakes in Bellary. We assure you the safety of online payments along with timely delivery at desired destination.

Personalized Cakes in Bellary: Cakes which provokes every appetizing zeal

We at Indiacakes are known for fresh, fluffy, hot and delicious cake delivery in any part of India. Considering the wide variety of cakes to choose from, we offer cakes which will be loved by every individual as it comes with the choice of customization of toppings and base to suit the taste of a particular person. By becoming a part of send cakes to Bellary we are oath bound to deliver freshly baked designer cakes in Bellary at the desired time and place and at competitive price.

Midnight Bashes: Send personalized cakes to Bellary

Foe every intention we have wide variety to choose from. A midnight craving? Or want to surprise the beloved by undertaking breathtaking step of waking them out of blankets only to receive exotic worth relishing present. 12 am delivery definitely runs the chills down the spine. Through our cake delivery in Bellary we aim at spreading smiles to the people out of reach and give us the privilege of witnessing that priceless smile.

Bellary in Karnataka is reputed for its cool parks, gardens, and a bear sanctuary. Select from the awesome range of cakes online for delivery to the city of Bellary. Anniversary cakes like fresh fruit, black forest, and truffle are sure to charm and convey your good wishes in the best way.’s online cake delivery store has a wide range of fine cakes and fresh flowers for all cities and special days in India.

Birthday cakes in Bellary: Switch to experience fresh tangy jerk

Send Birthday cakes to Bellary with our exceptional delivery services keeping the sanctity of emotion and intact. Sending personalized birthday Cakes to Bellary is the most exotic and fool proof gift option for friends and family both. Cakes in different forms and taste manage to entice everyone’s foodie soul and trigger the underlying taste buds. Comprehending the same, we deliver mouth watery, spongy and designer birthday cakes to Bellary and to your loved ones at a delivery time and place chosen by you. We, at Indiacakes, are known for flawless cake delivery across numerous cities across every nook of the country.

Send Birthday cakes to Bellary on Finger Tips

Delivery of Birthday Cake in Bellary could not get easier than a matter of few clicks to browse through our wide range of cakes available in a variety of colours and flavours and order it there and then. We assure you of handling the last-minute hassles of choosing and birthday cake delivery to Bellary to the right person at the right hour. With Indiacakes, you get the freedom to choose from a wide variety of exceptional designer cakes for nailing any occasion with a touch of elegant delicacy; send designer birthday cakes to Bellary. Book your order of sweet delight and we are off to deliver the ecstasy at the doorsteps.

Delivery of personalized Birthday cakes in Bellary: Say hello in your voice

Running short of ideas to surprise your loved ones in a grand style? You have landed the right platform, where we cater to all your requirements regarding planning of the surprise and the perfect execution of it. Talking on personal terms is a perfect rescue if you are short on gifting ideas. Cutting a cake is customary but cutting a personalized cake adds zest to the whole celebration aura. Indiacakes is your ultimate destination for getting a personalized birthday cake delivery to Bellary as per the person and occasion rather we help you choose the best one for making it more special. If personalized cake is your final decision then your worry of how to send birthday cakes to Bellary will be sorted out by us.

Send designer Birthday cakes in Bellary: Flavour on the other side is always tempting

Delivery of personalized birthday cakes in Bellary rests at your fingertips. Feel free to initiate online cake booking services at by switching to our reliable delivery services which aims at delivering your wishes along with the sumptuous cake. We are known for delivery of wide variety of designer cakes at the doorsteps and it will surely appeal the person next door. We cover the huge range in India and are spread nearly across 1000 cities in India. Sending Birthday cakes in Bellary is just a matter of few clicks. Visit our site and browse through the variety of flavors which suit your loved one and book your order.

Birthday Cakes to has been an part of birthday celebrations since ancient time. People celebrate Birthday by cutting a cakes and associate it with singing Birthday songs and adding it with candles to top of Birthday Cake.Now in 21'st century people order Birthday Cakes to Bellary, We deliver fresh Birthday Cakes across Bellary on your requested Delivery date and time. we also deliver the order Same-Day,Urgent or in Mid-night.

Online Cake Delivery to Bellary, Midnight Cake Delivery to Bellary- Book Your Order from India Cakes

Occasions unique way of celebrating mirth breaking all the established trends. If you are planning to have a grand blast visit Indiacakes where will stand gaping over the massive varieties of designer cakes each having a texture and delicious taste with drool worthy aromatic magic. We send cakes throughout India and our cakes are loved by the customers who visit our site.

Online Cake Delivery to Bellary, Midnight Cake Delivery in Bellary- Get the Delicious Cake at Home

Book your package of sumptuous delight browsing through various varieties of designer cakes and create your own favorite cake decorating it according to your personal choice of topping, base, weight and flavor.

Online Cake Delivery in Bellary, Midnight Cake Delivery to Bellary- make Your Moments Unforgettable

We deliver hot, fresh and soft cakes at the doorsteps baked and prepared by the best bakers and top-notch ingredients which assures the finished cake the finest quality and delicious in taste. The cakes get delivered by the best cakes shop and at the desired time.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Bellary, Online Cake Delivery in Bellary- Buy Designer and Personalized Cakes

Prepare your own cake at Indiacakes to send to your loved ones. We have multiple variety of toppings, base, flavor and weight to choose from. You can create a personalized cake by combining these factors into creating an appealing piece.

Midnight Cake Delivery to Bellary, Online Cake Delivery to Bellary- Enjoy the Most Delicious Cakes

Our intricately designed Heart shaped cakesare famous for their grand appeal as be it any occasion Anniversary, birthday or marriage these cakes just decorate the party venue with their exceptional design and tantalizing aromatic magic.

Online Cake Delivery in Bellary, Midnight Cake Delivery in Bellary- Fastest and Quick Cake Delivery Portal

You can choose your favorite cake from the various heart shaped cakes which includeChocolate Truffle Cake Heart shaped, Eggless Vanilla cake, Eggless Butterscotch cake heart shaped, Kiwi cake heart shaped, Black Forest Cake Heart shaped, Mango cake heart shaped and many more which will define who you are.Feel free to book your order at Indiacakes by selecting your piece and we will deliver the delicious package at the doorsteps.

Online Cake Delivery to Bellary, Online Cake Delivery in Bellary- Order Delicious Cakes Now

Experience the Midnight adventure with us by planning a surprise for your loved ones online at Indiacakes. This experience will add more memories in your treasure. You just need to pre-book your order with the person’s details and we will deliver the surprise package at 12 in midnight for waking the receiver out of the blue only to receive the sweet present . Order Birthday Cake online and we will deliver the cake timely at the doorsteps.

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