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  1. Pineapple Cake Half Kg

    Regular Price: Rs.600.00

    Special Price Rs.495.00

    This ½ kg pineapple cake is a delicious offer with its light, airy texture and its tropical, juicy flavor. The flavors of vanilla and pineapple come together with fresh cream to make this scrumptious cake that will make you say, “Wow!” Our satisfied customers have found this cake to be simply irresistible. Take a bite, close your eyes and then let your taste buds experience that wonderful taste to gratify your cravings like never ever before. Friends, you are going to love this for sure. We have same day delivery services for this fresh fruit cream cake and can even provide midnight delivery. Place your order for your favorite pineapple cake online today from the comfort of your home and just relax. We will deliver your super yummy cake to the joyful delight of your guests! Learn More
  2. Black Forest Cake Half Kg

    Regular Price: Rs.700.00

    Special Price Rs.525.00

    Half Kg Black Forest Cake Learn More
  3. Creamy Butterscotch Cake Half Kg
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Creamy Butterscotch Cake Half Kg Learn More
  4. Half Kg Cherry Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Cherry Black Forest Cake Learn More
  5. Half Kg Choco Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Choco Black Forest Cake Learn More
  6. Half Kg Amazing Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Amazing Black Forest Cake Learn More
  7. Tempting Choco Truffle
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Tempting Choco Truffle Half Kg Learn More
  8. Chocolate Gateu
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Chocolate Gateu Half Kg Learn More
  9. Cake for Father
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Cake for Father Half Kg Learn More
  10. Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake Half Kg Learn More
  11. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_9
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_9 Learn More
  12. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_8
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_8 Learn More
  13. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_7
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_7 Learn More
  14. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_6
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_6 Learn More
  15. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_5
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_5 Learn More

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1-15 of 302

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Eradicate the melancholic gloom: Send cakes to Bokaro

With the varieties of flavors to choose from, dive deep into exploring different base, topping and weight we are lending the key in your hand to become a part of our venture of spreading smiles miles away. We at Indiacakes is highly acclaimed for our lag free services throughout India. Our affordable packages are the major attraction along with the exceptional designer cakes. The cakes are bound to appeal every individual catering to different flavors and taste; send designer cakes in Bokaro. Our soul consuming, and delicious flavors include Special cakes, Photo cakes, Fresh cream cakes; Eggless cakes Cheese cakes and Cartoon cakes. We are oath bound in delivering the order of designer cakes in Bokaro at the apt time.

Mouthwatering cake Delivery in Bokaro: Spread the treasure of sweet delight

Cake delivery in Bokaro becomes more convenient with your support and love. To relish our services you can just book your order at our website We assure you the timely delivery of hot baked delicious cakes and offer you the privilege of customizing your choices according to your taste of flavor, base, topping, weight and shape.; send cakes to Bokaro with us and provide us the pleasure of serving you the best quality cakes, taste that lingers for long.We deliver freshly baked cakes from the best cakes shops in Bokaro; send personalized cakes in Bokaro only to relish with delight.

Send Designer cakes in Bokaro: The design which triggers hunger cramps

For sending the designer cake in Bokaro, feel free to book your cake online and we will deliver it to the desired destination. You can send the customized cake of your choice to your loved ones. Choose from various varieties of flavors, bases, weight and topping to make it look best and taste divine. Cake delivery in Bokaro becomes easy with your support and the privilege of free delivery gives another reason to celebrate. Send designer cakes in Bokaro with us and help us increase our range of cake delivery in India.

Send Personalized cakes in Bokaro: Choice differs in accordance with personalities

We at Indiacakes deliver fresh, fluffy, hot and delicious cakes in nearly every part of India. The cakes delivered are top notch in quality and taste. The choice of customization enhances the appeal ever more. You can choose among a wide gamut of flavors, toppings and weight. Repose trust in us and let us deliver fresh designer cakes in Bokaro from the best cake shops in Bokaro. Send cakes to Bokaro with us and slide through the ecstasy of incredible taste.

Plan an exotic surprise: Midnight cake delivery in Bokaro

With Indiacakes you can cherish your dream of planning a surprise delivery for your loved ones. Don’t worry if you forgot to pre-book the cake delivery. We will help you deliver the customized cake at their doorsteps. You can relish our services to same day delivery in Bokaro.Send personalized cakes in Bokaro with us and relish the share of happiness.

Bokaro is a fast developing city with significant steel production.Send yummy anniversary cakes and make your family and friends happy in the city of Bokaro on their special day. offers a wide and superb variety of cakes online for all occasions and festivals in India. You can buy cakes in delicious flavors like black forest, butterscotch, kiwi, or fruit, to name a few, or types like eggless, tiered, shaped, and so on.

Birthday cakes to Bokaro: resort to spell bounding designer cakes

How about taking the stress out of ordering and delivering a cake at the right destination on the designated time to Delhi? A birthday or a victory, an anniversary or a promotion – cakes take an undisputable lead in being a part of every celebration. However, getting stuck at the thought of getting it delivered on a short notice is common too. Here at Indiacakes, we take extra care in ensuring that the expediency of your idea to send birthday cakes to Bokaro is not defeated at any time. We help you keep this idyllic option of ordering and delivering cake online worth your efforts and money both; send designer birthday cakes to Bokaro.

Birthday cakes in Bokaro: We Deliver to the smallest nook of India

A cake not garnered well at delivery time loses the charm. It fails to convey the emotions and feelings attached with it. With us around, you stay rest assured of delivery of palatable cakes, in shape, as chosen, conveying your message to the person well. We make the option of sending personalized birthday cakes to Bokaro online convenient and flawless for you with any compromise to its quality. The cake delivered by us is bound to catch the eyes of all, not only in taste but outer appearance as well. Give us a try and we will strive towards reposing your trust in us; send birthday cakes to Bokaro.

Send personalized birthday cakes to Bokaro: Create your own personalized cake

To satiate midnight cravings and to surprise the beloved out of blue, we can help your friend jump off the floor only to witness your surprise cake as a token of your unblemished and strong bond. Through our cake delivery services in Bokaro we aim at spreading smiles to the people out of reach. Why worry when sending birthday cakes to Bokaro is just a matter of click now? To avail our services of delivery of designer birthday cakes to Bokaro just visit our website and book your order.

Delivery of designer birthday cakes in Bokaro: Designs which will make you jump in astonishment

Tickling of the taste buds is normal when exposed to diverse varieties of flavor to choose from. Our most relished flavors include butterscotch, chocolate, strawberry, pineapple and black forest. Well, they taste as good as they sound. Sitting in any nook of India one can order cake; specially sending birthday cakes to Bokaro is what we specialize in. Having a vast gamut of choices to match any occasion, we are glad to offer our services of delivery of personalized birthday cakes in Bokaro. Remember you are just a click away from relishing the exotic flavors at your doorsteps.

Midnight sweet surprise delivery

Switch to Indiacakes for relishing our midnight cake delivery services. You just have to visit our site and book your customized cake a day before with the required information for the delivery of the cake at the doorsteps of your loved ones; send birthday cakes in Bokaro.

Birthday Cakes to has been an part of birthday celebrations since ancient time. People celebrate Birthday by cutting a cakes and associate it with singing Birthday songs and adding it with candles to top of Birthday Cake.Now in 21'st century people order Birthday Cakes to Bokaro, We deliver fresh Birthday Cakes across Bokaro on your requested Delivery date and time. we also deliver the order Same-Day,Urgent or in Mid-night.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Bokaro,Online Cake Delivery in Bokaro- Buy Designer and PersonalizedCakes

The tradition of blowing the candles at Birthdays or any occasion have become a sacred deal now. To have a grand celebration you can plan your deal with Indiacakes where we assure to decorate whole venue with hot and freshly baked delicious designer cake and which is bound to spark up a craving scavenger.

Online Cake Delivery to Bokaro, Midnight Cake Delivery in Bokaro- Get the Delicious Cake at Home

You can visit us at and explore the different varieties of designer cakes which can be differentiated in flavors, toppings and base and create your own personalized cake. Our collection of tantalizing designer cakes is the most desirable among our customers as through our cakes you can personally relate your inner being.

Midnight Cake Delivery to Bokaro, Online Cake Delivery to Bokaro- Enjoy the Most Delicious Cakes

We at Indiacakes deals in providing the hot deal at the doorsteps. We cater to develop and roll out a piece of ecstasy on the fore which will appeal the person next door. Although we harbor huge range of delicious designer cakes but our collection of black forest cakes simply steals the show by their irresistible appeal.

Online Cake Delivery in Bokaro, Midnight Cake Delivery in Bokaro- Fastest and Quick Cake Delivery Portal

Some of our most famousBlack forest cakes includesBlack Forest Chocolate Gel, German Black Forest, Black Forest Drip Chocolate, Black Forest Amazon,Black Forest Five Star Quality cake, Black Forest Cherry Top, Black Forest Square, and many more to drool over. You can choose your favorite delight and book your package of delicious delight we will get it delivered at the location desired by you.

Midnight Cake Delivery in Bokaro, Online Cake Delivery to Bokaro- Adorable Cakes Online

At Indiacakes you can enjoy the privilege of creating your cake as per your choice. You can choose among different varieties of flavor, topping, base and weight and create a delicious cake. Indiacakes is your ultimate destination for sending a delicious cake to your loved ones.

Midnight Cake Delivery to Bokaro, Online Cake Delivery to Bokaro- Enjoy the Most Delicious Cakes

You will be pleased to visit Indiacakes to send the special person a present of delight by browsing through our various designer cakes and finding your cake which matches the personality of the special person. At Indiacakes you can avail the designer cake at promising and affordable prices as we believe in bridging the gap between priceless relationships. Send cakes to India with Indiacakes.

Midnight Cake Delivery to Bokaro, Online Cake Delivery in Bokaro- Get Order Quickly at Doorsteps

At Indiacakes you can pre-book your order of midnight delivery a day before and if you forget to book, we will rescue you from the situation by designing a customized cake for your beloved and will deliver it midnight at the location chosen by you. We at Indiacakes are in your service round the clock, switch to our midnight cake delivery services in India.

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