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  1. Pineapple Cake Half Kg

    Regular Price: Rs.600.00

    Special Price Rs.495.00

    This ½ kg pineapple cake is a delicious offer with its light, airy texture and its tropical, juicy flavor. The flavors of vanilla and pineapple come together with fresh cream to make this scrumptious cake that will make you say, “Wow!” Our satisfied customers have found this cake to be simply irresistible. Take a bite, close your eyes and then let your taste buds experience that wonderful taste to gratify your cravings like never ever before. Friends, you are going to love this for sure. We have same day delivery services for this fresh fruit cream cake and can even provide midnight delivery. Place your order for your favorite pineapple cake online today from the comfort of your home and just relax. We will deliver your super yummy cake to the joyful delight of your guests! Learn More
  2. Black Forest Cake Half Kg

    Regular Price: Rs.700.00

    Special Price Rs.525.00

    Half Kg Black Forest Cake Learn More
  3. Creamy Butterscotch Cake Half Kg
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Creamy Butterscotch Cake Half Kg Learn More
  4. Half Kg Cherry Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Cherry Black Forest Cake Learn More
  5. Half Kg Choco Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Choco Black Forest Cake Learn More
  6. Half Kg Amazing Black Forest Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Amazing Black Forest Cake Learn More
  7. Tempting Choco Truffle
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Tempting Choco Truffle Half Kg Learn More
  8. Chocolate Gateu
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Chocolate Gateu Half Kg Learn More
  9. Cake for Father
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Cake for Father Half Kg Learn More
  10. Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Rich Chocolate Truffle Cake Half Kg Learn More
  11. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_9
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_9 Learn More
  12. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_8
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_8 Learn More
  13. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_7
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_7 Learn More
  14. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_6
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_6 Learn More
  15. Half Kg Pineapple Cake_5
    Rs.545.00 | US $8.38

    Half Kg Pineapple Cake_5 Learn More

Grid List

Set Descending Direction

1-15 of 302

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Ecstasy of Numerical cakes-Send Cakes to Faizabad

Let’s relive the era of numerical cakes; every occasion needs a fresh touch to make it memorable and to relish it throughout the life. Be it any occasion birthdays or anniversaries numerical cakes seizes attraction at the very glance. We offer designer numerical cakes for special occasions like 25th and 50th anniversary celebrations and birthday blasts. For any other special day we are here to serve you with our best cake delivery services online to meet your expectations; send cakes to Faizabad. We offer variety of cakes ranging from Special cakes, Photo cakes, Fresh cream cakes; Eggless cakes Cheese cakes and Cartoon cakes with exceptional designs and taste. We believe in making every special moment of your life a special one. Order customized cake of your choice at an affordable rate and spread the treasure of happiness. Our services of cake delivery in Faizabad are flawless in delivery of cakes at the desired location; just book your present of happiness.

Cake delivery in Faizabad: A route to delightful venture

At Indiacakes, you can dive into exploring various varieties of cakes and exercise your choice with the granted privilege of creating your own customized cake. We guarantee you the delivery of freshly baked scrumptious cakes which will fume up the part spirit; send designer cakes to Faizabad. Just book your order on our site with the date of delivery and time and relish our services of personalized cake delivery in Faizabad. To relish our services, you can just book your order at our website and we deliver the cakes from the best cake shops in Faizabad. We are oath bound to serve you with best of our services.

Send Designer cakes in Faizabad: Switch to enchanting and dissolving flavors

Indiacakes offer variety of cakes with different elegant designs and flavors like chocolate, vanilla, butterscotch, red velvet and more to tickle your taste buds. Too much to handle for a sweet tooth, just browse through the numerous varieties of cakes on the website and book your order online with the details to follow and we with our exceptional team will complete the deal to deliver the surprise cake to its respective destination. Customize the cake of your choice with your choice of base, flavor, topping and weight and give us the pleasure to see the priceless smile; send cakes to Faizabad comes with an additional benefit of free home delivery at the doorsteps. Send personalized cakes to Faizabad; with us and help us spread the ray of happiness throughout the country.

Personalized Cake Delivery in Faizabad at Midnight

Choose from variety of toppings, base, flavor and weight and combine it to make a delicious one; send personalized cakes in Faizabad with us and greet your loved ones in their style. Choose the date and the time it is to be delivered with the name and address of the concerned person and we will help you cover the rest of the miles; send designer cakes to Faizabad.

Faizabad is a city of many universities and charming gardens. Online cake delivery to lovely Faizabad is best done through’s premium delivery store online that has a fabulous range of cakes and flowers on offer at affordable rates. Birthday cakes from our amazing cake shop are simply the best in a wide assortment of shapes, colors, and flavors to charm each and every one. Select a favorite for same day delivery or urgent delivery to India.

Birthday Cakes in Faizabad: Benumbing and tantalizing theory of Eggless cakes

Celebration of any occasion requires proper planning and perfect execution. Here lies the key. On the big day. Everyone wants the moment to be sealed with eternity of joy and bliss. Celebrate with Indiacakes and order cake for any occasion be it Birthdays or Anniversaries, we assure you of our flawless cakes delivery services and will assist you through the whole cake booking process at our website through our customer support. Indiacakes has a wide collection of cakes available in various designs, flavors, sizes and shapes that you can choose from. Delve deep into exploring our finger licking collection of Eggless cakes like Eggless Pineapple Cake, Eggless Chocolate Truffle cake, Eggless Strawberry cake and Eggless Butterscotch cake to tempt any sweet craving tooth. With us, sending personalized birthday cakes to Faizabad overreaches the set standards of happiness. The cakes offered by us will definitely entice you and will provoke you to visit us again to nail another auspicious occasion; send designer birthday cakes to Faizabad.

Send Birthday Cakes to Faizabad: Embracing every nook of India

Lighting every corner of India with new essence of delicacy. Visit Indiacakes for checking out on our exceptional quality designer cakes where icing reveals the royal taste. Send birthday cakes in Faizabad by selecting the best cake out of the paradise of designer cakes. You can choose the best from our collection and the provision of customizing the cake as per your choice rests with you from varieties of toppings, weight, flavor and base; send personalized birthday cakes to Faizabad. We deliver the best cakes baked by the professional bakers using fresh ingredients. Book a delicious package of cake on by exploring the numerous varieties of designer cakes and choosing your cake to be delivered at the doorsteps of the person concerned.

Deliver Personalized Birthday cakes in Faizabad: Gift your loved ones a handmade present

Make your presence make felt to the person sitting in the farthest corner of India. We, at Indiacakes, are known for delivery of exceptional designer birthday cakes in Faizabad. At Indiacakes you can enjoy the privilege of customizing the cake according to your choice of flavor, base, weight and topping to make the special day even more special; send birthday cakes to Faizabad with Indiacakes delivery services where we deliver the delicious package of cake along with your personal message through our greeting cards with the cake to make the moment more special for your loved ones. You can even send gifts from our Combo Products by choosing your own favorite assorted gift package with the delicious package of cake.

Send Designer Birthday cake to Faizabad: Fabulously Rolled up layers of cream

Cakes generates appeal among the people and a well-designed cake gathers appreciation. Our collection of designer cakes is available in different flavors to trigger the foodie inside anyone. Relish every moment of the special day by grabbing the opportunity for turning out everything as expected. Send personalized birthday cakes to Faizabad with Indiacakes and create a unique bond by booking your share of delight on the site. Through our exceptional cake delivery services, we ensure keeping safe your emotions presented through a cake; send birthday cakes in Faizabad. We are known for delivering delicious cakes to the special one at a delivery time and place of your choice.

Birthday Cakes to has been an part of birthday celebrations since ancient time. People celebrate Birthday by cutting a cakes and associate it with singing Birthday songs and adding it with candles to top of Birthday Cake.Now in 21'st century people order Birthday Cakes to Faizabad, We deliver fresh Birthday Cakes across Faizabad on your requested Delivery date and time. we also deliver the order Same-Day,Urgent or in Mid-night.

Online Cake Delivery Faizabad, Cake Delivery in Faizabad - Order Fresh Cakes for All through India Cakes

We with our efficient team will carry out the delivery process flawlessly and will get your present delivered at the time desired by you. We deliver across nearly every nook and corner of India and assure you the delivery of hot and delicious cake at the doorsteps.

Cake delivery in Faizabad, cake delivery to Faizabad - Order Fresh Cakes from India Cakes

At India cakes you will be pleased to visit through our numerous sections of delicious cakes in widest varieties and this will ease your tedium of making the right choice. The designer cakes we deliver are prepared by the perfectionist bakers who know the technique of rolling down the ordinary into an admiring masterpiece.

Online cake delivery to Faizabad, Cake Delivery in Faizabad - Fresh Cakes at Your Doorsteps in Minutes

You can switch to your favorite delicacy among our Special cakes and book your order of delicious cake by fulfilling the formalities of cake delivery in Faizabad and the cake will be delivered at the location and time mentioned by you without encountering any distortion in shape.

Cake delivery in Faizabad, cake delivery to Faizabad - Order Fresh Cakes from India Cakes

You just need to book your order a day before and in case you forgot to book a delicious cake we will do the task for you by sending the best customized cake at the doorsteps of the loved ones as we believe in bridging up the difference in relationships by delivering cakes miles away.

Cake delivery in Faizabad, cake delivery to Faizabad - Order Fresh Cakes from India Cakes

Apart from those above, we bake Chocolate Avalanche cake, Chocolate cake Dome shaped, Chocolate Truffle Photo cake, 10 Kg floral Cascade Wedding Cake, Chocolate Truffle Five Star Quality cake and more to make your choice of the best designer cake to be served at the table on the auspicious occasion.

Cake Delivery in Faizabad – We Deliver Eggless Cakes in Faizabad

Now the option for eggless cakes is also available at India Cakes. We are the India’s top brand baking eggless cakes and now our customers can order eggless cakes to Faizabad at any time or at any occasion. Apart from this, the cakes we bake are freshly backed with the design selected by you and in the shape you want.

Cake Delivery in New Faizabad, Cake Delivery To New Faizabad - Buy Cakes Online from India Cakes

Order cake online and cherish the sweet moments with huge valor of delicacy on the table on any auspicious and special occasion and we will deliver your order from the best cake shop in the town within the set time frame and at the respective destination; cake shop.

Online Cake Delivery Faizabad, Cake Delivery in Faizabad - Order Fresh Cakes for All through India Cakes

You can visit our Combo Products for sending additional gift package along with the delicious cake. We have different assorted gift packages which will be an additional feather with the package of cake. Our different packages of Combo Products include Cakes and Flowers, Flowers and Chocolate, Flowers and Teddy, Cakes-Flowers-Chocolate, Cakes-Flowers-Teddy, Eggless cakes-Flowers-Teddy and Eggless Cakes Flowers and Chocolates.

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